Emergency Management plan

Twice a year we update our Emergency Management Plan. The link to our latest plan is listed below.

Please be aware of procedures during high fire periods.


Bushfire and Off site relocation

  • In the event of a Bushfire threatening the school the students are to be evacuated to the Timboon Hall. Year 7-8 Students will assemble in the canteen and Year 9-12 students in the school hall with their bags. Rolls will be marked and students will walk to the town hall along the designated route with their form teachers. Year P-6 students will return to their classroom, collect their bags. Rolls will be marked and classes taken to a central meeting pont before walking via the designated route to the town Hall. Entry to the town hall is via the back entrance.
  • On days of Total Fire Ban a clearance is to be obtained from the police or the CFA by the Bus coordinator before buses are permitted to leave.
  • In the event of fire threatening one or more bus routes, the affected buses are to remain at school and parents of students on those buses to be contacted. Students will remain at school until collected by a parent or guardian.
  • Town students will remain at school, if the town is threatened, until collected by a parent or guardian.
  • In the event of Bushfire threat the advice of the Police and CFA will be acted upon.
  • Radio and television will be monitored for bushfire reports.
  • The school has been placed on the Bushfire At-Risk Register. This means that the school will be pre-emptively closed in the event that the Bureau of Meteorology issues a Code Red Fire Danger Rating warning for the weather in this area. DEECD will provide up to 3 days notice of a planned closure (including warnings about cancelling, changing, rescheduling or recalling out of school hours off-site activities such camps and excursions) as well as information about changes to bus routes. The final decision to close the school will be confirmed no later than 12 noon the day before the planned closure. Once the decision to close has been made the decision will not change regardless of changes in weather forecast.


Emergency Management Plan November 2018

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