Homework Vs Study

These notes summarise the key points of a Study Skills Presentation by Ticking Minds. 

This session highlighted the difference between homework and study, stressed that effective study involved having clear goals and suggested some strategies to help students with key skill.

Homework: the work a teacher sets every student in their class to meet course requirements and to prepare them for assessment


Study: what a student works out they need to do themselves to improve their understanding and skills.

Study =

  • Understanding = what I need to know
  • Skill = what I need to be able to do
  • Recall = what I need to be able to remember

Skills across a wide range of subjects

  • Define
  • Describe
  • Explain
  • Select
  • Determine
  • List
  • Use
  • Compare / contrast
  • Provide an example
  • Evaluate
  • Identify
  • Justify
  • Demonstrate
  • Discuss
  • Outline
  • Name
  • Interpret


  Common skills
  • Be able to remember
  • Be able to explain well
  • Be able to use (examples, formulas, procedures)
  • Be ab le to complete answer in a limited time


Effective study: Don’t measure study by time passed, but by goals achieved


Setting specific goals for study sessions

"At the end of this study session I want to have ...."
  • Examples
    • 10 quotes memorised
    • Improved the detail in m written maths answers
    • Understood better what glycaemic index is
For a specific subject
"By the end of this week I want to be able to know / do better …."
  • Read and annotate
  • Read the summarise
  • Read then represent visually
  • Read then create an analogy
  • Read then explain to someone else
  • Pick a subject , pick a concepts
  • Tell someone else about it
  • Record and listen back (iPod)
  • Use flash cards (car, iPod, iPad)
  • Create  posters and put where you frequently see them
  • Use acronyms
  • Put to music
  • Represent visually, explain verbally
  • Submit something once for feedback
  • Submit it again to improve
  • Memorise
  • Timed activities
  • Use examples
  • Use formulas and procedures
  • Write




Planning time for homework and study


At the study skills session conducted by Deakin University, students were given with information about planning time for study and homework. 

 to download a weekly and semester planner produced by Deakin University, along with hints on how to use a weekly planner to help manage time effectively. 


A 2017 yearly and weekly planner is also available for download on the VCE information page 


Some study tips for VCE  


Have a plan

Have specific goals for each subject,  each week

Short bursts frequently over the course of the week


Some study tips for VCE  from Deakin University 







More VCE tips from Department of Education and Training 



Studying for success in VCE involves more than re reading the class texts or student notes. Subject teachers will be suggesting strategies throughout the year and there are many strategies provided on web sites. This link is to " How To Study.org" which students may find helpful.  

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