Visual Arts at Timboon P-12 engages students in a journey of discovery, experimentation, problem-solving and development of personal style through the exploration of specific themes, experiences, interests, ideas, cultural traditions, beliefs and values, as well as contemporary issues.

We focus on creative, innovative and critical thinking, expressed and documented in a visual diary. Students are exposed to a diverse range of 2D and 3D art forms, processes, materials, techniques and technologies through drawing, printmaking, photography, digital manipulation, painting, sculpture, mosaics, paper craft experimental textiles and video art, to enrich their practical skills.

Development of analytical skills and the use of arts language is progressively established through the investigation and interpretation of the artworks and styles of traditional and contemporary artists.

Our Visual Communications units aim to increase students' knowledge and understanding of the nature of communicating information visually according to a design brief based on a client’s needs. Students develop technical and creative graphic skills, focusing on the exploration of various media, equipment and ICT technology. Investigation into designers of creative graphics and industrial design, inspire and support the generation of a range of imaginative possible solutions, implementation of the design process, application of the design elements to reach a final presentation.

We support the development of confidence, curiosity, imagination, enjoyment and a personal aesthetic through visual arts making, with Year 7-10 Visual Arts and Visual Communication units leading to VCE Studio Arts, Units 1-4.

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