Why we study Art:

  • To use starting points such as observation, experience and research to express ideas and feelings when making visual art works
  • To structure art works by organising the elements of visual arts and applying skills, techniques and processes
  • To plan, select and modify visual arts presentations for particular occasions, taking into account factors such as purpose, space, materials and equipment
  • To use appropriate language to describe the way images and forms are organised to express ideas and feelings in visual art works
  • To show an understanding of the ways visual art works are made in particular cultural and historical contexts


What we do:

  • Drawing and Painting - pencils, crayons, pens, pastels, charcoal, inks, paint etc.
  • Constructing models using clay, plaster bandage, papier mache, found objects etc.
  • Printing images using stencils, lino, screen etc.
  • Graphic design and communication
  • Students will improve in the areas of: design, colour theory, layouts, mixing and applying paints, neatness and proportion
  • Manipulate pliable (such as clay) materials and join various media
  • Develop safe, efficient and correct use of equipment and materials


Appreciation will be fostered through:

Written and observation tasks either individually or in small groups

Use of library, DVDs, books and other materials as resources

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