School Council

School Council is the official decision making body of the school. It has the responsibility of setting educational policies and controlling money and resources.

Council meets at 7:00 pm on the second Thursday of each month. If parents wish to address Council on a matter, approval of the School Council President must be sought first.

The members of School Council come from several different categories and their position on council is decided in a number of ways. The Principal is an ex officio member. There are then a number of positions which are designated as positions for parents, and these are then decided by an election open to all current parents of the school. There are a number of designated staff positions which are decided by an election open to the current staff members of the school.

Every year there is an Annual Report made to the school community that details the school's performance in a range of different areas in the previous year.

Every year there is an Annual Implementation Plan that details the school's priorities for the coming year. Please contact us for more details.

Executive Officer / Principal: Matt Dodson
School Council President: Bronwyn Lenehan
Parent Representatives: Rebecca McAuliffe, Kris Loughnan, Jeremy Doolan and Andrew Berry
DET Representatives: Liam Venn, Gabby Theologous and Emily Bouchier
Student Representatives: Finn Baxter and Bridget Dridan


For any correspondence to school council members, please do so via the school email. 

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