At Timboon P-12 we have an extensive music program that engages a variety of students throughout the year. Students that learn instruments become an integral part of our end of year production show piece.


In 2017 students have had the opportunity to work with Aria award winning artist Lior and renowned music producer Grant Windsor has once again made the long trip to Timboon to work with our students. 



2017 Songs


My Mind is a City  (Liana, Lachie R, Lachie B, Joel)


Got to Do This on my Own  (Emily, Holly, Cam, Ben)


Drowning  (Daniel, Brandon, Jasper, Adam)


Better Off Without You  (Ciara, Pacey, Ryan, Hamish)


In the past students had the opportunity to write their own song under the guidance of Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe) and Grant Windsor.

Here are the songs. Click on the link to play the mp3's.


Change of Scenery    (Joel Moriarty, Sam Plozza, Jarrad Beaton)


Forest Full of moles   (Tyson Prout, Rob Matthews, Jasper Storer-Reeves, Che Stone)


Sleep   (Ciara Fitzpatrick, Euan McGuire, Jake Mattews, Daniel Roberts)


Smell the Roses   (Bethany White, James Stevens, Luke Stevens Alister McConnell)



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