Music education at Timboon P12 School starts with the end in mind. We facilitate a gradual process of skills development to help students develop skills in song writing, performance and the use of technology in music.

The course of study is designed to develop song writing and performance skills. Students write, perform and record songs, developing a repertoire that they can perform in public. At year 7 and 8, students have the opportunity to learn Guitar and Ukulele. They learn basic chords, scales and theory on how chords and scales interact. This leads into crafting basic songs by developing lyrics, chord progressions and melodies. They can then record these songs on professional recording software using multitrack recording. At year 9 & 10, students continue writing and recording original songs using the skills that they have acquired with a greater emphasis on performing.

The students gain a better understanding of the techniques and procedures available for song writing and the technology available for the production, recording and performance of music. Skills are increased and built on from years 7-10. At the VCE level students have the opportunity to complete a Certificate III in Music. Certificate III in Music is a dual award. Students are awarded a Certificate III in Music (VET) and also complete Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 at VCE level, which is awarded a study score that contributes the students ATAR.


Rock Band Program


'School Of Rock' is a unique program that has been running at Timboon P.12 for almost 20 years.


Students form their own 'rock groups' and set about learning a song of their choice. Under the guidance of music teacher, Mr. Graeme Galbraith, the bands rehearse weekly to perfect their act.


This culminates in an end of year concert, where all rock groups perform on stage to parents and fellow students. Along the way we have a lot of fun.


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