Rights and Responsibilities

The basis of our school’s approach to discipline is the Rights and Responsibilities Policy. The purpose of this policy is to promote a happy, safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment that meets the needs of the school community. It encourages in students the development of responsible behaviour and self-discipline, through fairness, tolerance and respect for the rights and welfare of others.


The expectations that follow from these responsibilities are further clarified through a Student Code of Behaviour. When a student breaks this code, an appropriate sanction will follow as a consequence. Where possible, the consequence used will follow logically from the student’s behaviour. A graded series of consequences is used for dealing with unacceptable behaviour that is repeated. However, isolated incidents which are of a more serious nature will also lead to the use of more serious consequences. The consequences used with incidents of various levels of seriousness are also able to read by using the link below.


Covey Code Of Conduct

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