Science is about developing an understanding of the world around us and is broken down into Biology, Earth and Space, Chemistry, Physics.


Students are encouraged to develop research and inquiry skills by undertaking a range of classroom activities and by performing experiments to support their research.


Science content is applied to ‘real world’ applications and technologies through the Timboon Agricultural Project (TAP). Students develop an appreciation for the importance of Science in our modern lifestyles; improve their initiative, organisation, teamwork and practical skills.


We study the following topics at each year level

Year 7

Chemistry – Safety in the laboratory, separation techniques and mixtures

Biology – Classification and food webs

 Physics – Forces and motion

Earth and Space – Earth, Moon and Sun

TAP – Invasive species


Year 8

Chemistry – Atoms, elements and chemical reactions

Biology – Cells and body systems

Physics – Light and sound

Earth and Space – Rocks and geological processes

TAP - Cheese making


Year 9

Chemistry – Atomic structure, radioactivity and chemical reactions

Biology – Body systems and microbiome

Physics – LEGO robotics

Earth and Space – Plate tectonics

TAP – Melittology (Bee keeping)


Year 10

Chemistry – Periodic table, chemical reactions, chemical bonding.

Biology – Evolution

Physics – Forces and motion, electricity.

Earth and Space – Big bang, stars and galaxies

TAP – Genetics in the Dairy industry


7/8 Elective offering – TAP based learning


VCE offerings

Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Psychology.

All taught by specialist teachers.

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