Prep-Year 6 VCOP & Big Write Program



Our Prep-6 Team use the support structure of VCOP & Big Write to explicitly teach writing skills across the sub-school.


The teaching of writing in primary schools has always been considered a small segment of the whole literacy block. Writing has rarely been targeted specifically as an element to teach. Rather, it has been seen as something that will simply happen upon teaching Grammar, Spelling, Handwriting, Reading and Text Types, and either a child had this gift or not. Ros Wilson's program has now changed that approach.


Here at Timboon P-12 School, Big Write and VCOP creates a positive ethos towards writing for all students.

The Big Write methodology is; 'if they can't say it, they can't write it'. With talk and communication, an imperative element of the program, it directly appeals to boys who are generally our most reluctant writers.


Students are encouraged to be ambitious, up-level their work and focus on the elements of VCOP in their writing. By Highlighting these areas as 'goals,' there has been a direct link to improved writing skills.


VCOP Unpacked:


V= Vocabulary. Students are encouraged to use ambitious (wow) words


C= Connectives. Understanding how words are used to connect sentences, ideas and paragraphs together


O= Openers. Using powerful openers to engage our readers


P= Punctuation. The Power of correct punctuation is explicitly taught




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