General Achievement Test : June 13th 


Whats it all for ? 

Students have received information about this during Form Assembly


What is the General Achievement Test?

The General Achievement Test is a test of general knowledge and skills in:

  • written communication
  • mathematics, science and technology
  • humanities, the arts and social sciences.

These areas are very broad.

Each represents a body of general knowledge and skills that students are likely to have built up through their school years.

Because it is a general test, no special study is required for the GAT. Students will already have done preparation for the GAT in past study of subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and History, where they have built up general knowledge and skills in writing, numeracy and reasoning. These are the knowledge and skills that will be tested.

Students can get a good idea of the questions by looking at previous GAT papers. Students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these questions and note that all the information needed to work out the right answer is provided.


Why do students have to do the GAT?

The GAT is an essential part of the VCE assessment procedures.

All students enrolled in one or more VCE or scored VCE VET Unit 3 and 4 sequences must sit the GAT.

Although GAT results do not count directly towards a student’s VCE results, they play an important role in checking that school-based and external assessments have been accurately assessed, and in calculating Derived Examination Scores.

The GAT is used in these ways because achievement on the GAT is a good predictor of achievement on other assessments. If students have done well on the GAT, then their achievements are likely to be high on their school-based and external assessments.

Clearly, some GAT questions relate more closely to achievement in particular studies. The VCAA takes this into account when it calculates students’ expected achievements in each study for each school. For example, GAT results in mathematics, science and technology play only a minor part in calculating students’ expected achievements in humanities studies.


How is the GAT used?

The VCAA will use students’ GAT scores as a basis for:

  • contributing to statistical moderation of school-based assessment results
  • checking the accuracy of external assessment marking
  • calculating the Derived Examination Scores.


More information and details available on the VCAA website.


When  and where 


Timboon Uniting Church Hall

10:00 am - 1:15 pm

Students will be required to attend school for Form Assembly and Session 1.


Preparation hints


Students cannot study for the GAT,  however they can prepare themselves

  • become familiar with the format
  • understand the requirements of the 2 written tasks
  • practice with the multiple choice sections to fine tune / develop a logical problem solving approach

Past GAT papers are available on the VCAA website



As an underrepresented school at some Melbourne Universities, Timboon P12 students  have been invited to attend free revision program in:

English, Biology, Chemistry, Further Mathematics,  Mathematical Methods,  Specialist Mathematics,  Physics and Psychology.

Students will be given access to a range of helpful resources to assist with their preparation for the VCE exams, including a set of lecture notes, tutorial questions and solutions, and a set of revision notes . 

Also, to ensure that students will get the most out of the program, there are also workshops and panels to supplement students with information on university degrees, health and well-being, and study skills.


Date: Tuesday, 3rd July to Thursday, 5th July 2018


Location:University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus


Registrations begin on Wednesday, 30th May 2018 and will close on Friday, 22nd June 2018.

Students can sign up individually online through Google Forms at



Need some help with time management ? 

Download a weekly planner  ,a 2018 calendar



Current year 11 and 12 students are provided with information handbooks that provided key information about both Timboon P12 School expectations, policies and procedures, which incorporate VCAA rules.

Individual teachers provide each student with their individual subject study design.

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

.... but of course nothing beats the VCAA website - for all things VCE / VCAL/ study designs / past exams / examiners reports .................



Year 12 Parent Student Information Booklet


Unit 3 4 VCE VCAL Student Information 2018



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Remember August is Open Day Season and some dates are out now


Open Days are a perfect opportunity for students in years 11 and 12 (and year 10) to visit different tertiary institutions. Students and parents can 'get a feel' for the campus as well as find out course information.



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